DRYER REPAIR Portland OR Metro

DRYER REPAIR Portland OR Metro

When your washer or dryer stops working, you would want to have it fixed quickly so you can get back to enjoying your life. We expedite washer and dryer repair in a similar manner as refrigeration repair, knowing how important these appliances are in our everyday lives. Contact All Around Appliance LLC to have your laundry system issue resolved today.

While washing machines are more complicated and complex than dryers, they do not require much attention or maintenance. They either work well and finish the wash cycle properly, or they do not and your clothes remain unwashed or wet and you certainly notice if there is a problem.

Clothes dryers may appear functioning well, you might have just been noticing it requires greater amount of time for your dryer to get the job done, or your laundry does not smell as good as it used to. When your dryer stops working completely, in most cases, the safety components inside did their job to prevent overheating and your unit can be repaired and fully functional again.

While all manufactures do their best to prevent overheating of dryers by incorporating safety devices to thermally protect your unit, clothes dryers became #1 cause of house fires. Lint inside of the machine keeps accumulating over the years and the hot air inside the drum stops flowing and has nowhere to go. Thermostats, thermal fuses and power cutoff devices are expensive replacement parts and the repair may become costly. All dryers need to be serviced periodically to ensure sufficient air flow. Let All Around Appliance LLC know when you are ready for maintenance.

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